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Immediate visa for Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior “MOI” has recently approved granting Normal Visas at airports a border ports for citizens of specific countries. MOI decision dated 15 March 2021 has listed the countries entitled for obtaining the mentioned visa, these are the permanent members of United Nations Security Council “UNSC” these are (United States of America, […]

IRAQ becomes a party to the New York Convention

As one of the most significant steps Iraq has witnessed towards encouraging foreign investments in the country, the Iraqi Parliament Council has recently, at the 4th of March 2021, endorsed the law of Iraq accession to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, 1958 “Convention”. The accession, however, was […]

Attending IOT MAKER opening ceremony

In response to the invitation addressed to our firm by IOT MAKER working space, our firm represented by Ms.Hiba Basim Khaza’al manager of management & accounts, has recently attended the opening ceremony of the IOT MAKER work space held in Baghdad, which was attended by a number of prestigious institutions and companies, such as the […]

Al Qadha’a Magazine publication

In consideration of the important and significant role played by the investment sector in the development and rise of the economy in any country, and since our country (IRAQ) represents a fertile environment of investment opportunities attracting foreign investors worldwide, and whereas the legal system represents a significant factor for attracting investors and creating a […]

First session of the Roundtable discussions – Start-UPs definition

With the participation of a number of key players leading entrepreneurial ecosystem in IRAQ and based on the invitation address to our firm by The Station Workplace, a team of our firm has participated the first round of the Roundtable discussions held at The Station Place in December 2020, that aims to specify an agreed […]


Today we have attended the Oil & Gas Show held in Baghdad-Babylon Hotel/Rotana. The event has took place with the participation of elite speakers headed by his excellency Minister of Oil Mr.Ihsan A. Ismael; his excellency Ambassador of Canada in Iraq Mr.Ulric Shannon, Chairwomen of National Investment Commission Mrs.Suha Al Najjar, Chairman of International Development […]

Business landscape magazine

In supporting and attracting foreign investment in IRAQ and aware interested audience with the laws governing the investment in the country, our firm has recently contributed an article by Esq.Muqdad Sami Alwan Al Juboori with the first addition of the Business Landscape Magazine, a quarterly business magazine supported by the Iraqi Germany Business Council/German Ministry […]


Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon firm and in cooperation with KAPITA company, in issuing the updated version of the Roadmap Start-up Iraq Guide prepared in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherland and Orange Corners Iraq. The Guide highlights the types of companies permitted under the Iraqi Law, companies’ registration procedures, required documents in addition to […]

Signing MOU with Iraqi Jurists Union

Within our firm endeavors spreading international commercial arbitration culture in Iraq and willingness to keep up with the international community and preparing qualified cadre able to understand the principles of the arbitration process, its significance and means for recruiting the same towards serving arbitration parties, which contributes creating an attractive environment for investment from one […]