Upon a kind invitation, our firm, represented by its Managing Director, Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori (Att.), is pleased to attend the Arab Lawyers Forum in its sixth edition, held in Doha, Qatar. The forum was sponsored by “Al Tamimi & Co.” along with a number of esteemed sponsors including ALAIDAROUS, Al-Sulaiti Law Firm, Ankura, and Deloitte, Sader Legal, Saffery Trust, Alfardan Group, Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm, among others.


The forum gathered over 200 prominent lawyers and decision-makers from around the world, featuring more than 20 speakers from various sectors. Following the success of previous forums, this event particularly targets Arab lawyers specializing in legal practice and consultations.


The forum provides a unique environment for Arab lawyers to network, engage internationally, and enhance practical and social relationships. With participation from over 150 companies, the steering committee comprises a diverse and talented group of legal professionals from across the region, including Matthew Heaton- Partner | head office (Qatar)- Al Tamimi & Company,  Ali Al-Adrous – Managing Attorney – Ali Adrous Advocates and Legal Consultants, Ajay Wiltshire – Managing Director – Saffery Trust, Rana Shashaa – Partner – Middle East Forensic Leader (Deloitte), and Dr. Ghada M. Darwish Karbon – Founder and Managing Partner – Dr. Ghada M.Darwish Karbon Law firm, among others.


Additionally; the forum witnessed important business meetings in which our firm participated, including the signing of a Cooperation Agreement with Al-Sulaiti Law Firm and Legal Consultations – a leading law firm in Qatar, and discussions on other significant collaborations.


We extend our sincere gratitude to the Arab Lawyers Forum, all participants, and esteemed attendees, as well as to everyone who contributed to the success of this remarkable event. We express our deep appreciation for the continuous support of such valuable initiatives.


Upon a special invitation, our firm, represented by Ms. Ola Hussein Yaqoob and Ms. Duaa Farahat Abdulqadir, is pleased to attend the closing ceremony of  “May Al-Shawaf” program organized by IOT Kids in collaboration with Mr. Khaled Al-Khaldi, as a tribute honoring the legacy of his late mother, Mrs. May Qadri Azat Al-Shawaf. The event took place on Thursday, February 2, 2024, at The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship in karada-Baghdad. This event marked a significant milestone in the journey of young ambitious girls as the program aims to empower girls aged 10 to 16 in the fields of technology and artificial intelligence to enhance their skills and understanding of the technology world.


The ceremony began with an inspirational welcome speech by the event host, Ms. Ghada Ahmed, emphasizing the significance of the “May Al-Shawaf” program in empowering girls and guiding them toward advanced technology fields. Following that, Mr. Mohammed Khaled Alazawi, one of the founders of IOT Kids, then delivered a welcoming speech,and highlighting that 12 girls out of 100 participants qualified for the final stage. These girls showcased their innovative projects, presenting them to a specialized judging panel with expertise from reputable organizations.


The participating girls excelled in their innovative projects, detailing advancements in programming and artificial intelligence before the judging panel, that included  Ms. Israa Al-Juboori (UNICEF Youth and Adolescents Program Manager), Mr. Ammar Al-Khateeb (Co-founder and CEO of Uplevel), Ms. Mariam Al-Lami (Economic Advisor at the Dutch Embassy in iraq), Ms. Rana Mufeed (Head of Corporate Sustainability at Zain Iraq), and Mr. Ziad Shaaban (CEO of the Continuing Education Center at the American University in Iraq).


Moreover, Ms. Fatima Jassim, the program director, expressed that the program required months of training and education, involving significant efforts from the IOT Kids team and parents to select the 12 outstanding girls qualified for the final stage. Each girl shared the buckthought inspiration behind her project’s idea, presenting a short video explaining its benefits and innovations.


The three winners were announced, with appreciative awards presented to:

  1. Dhuha Emad – Diabetes Diagnosis Project
  2. Umniyah Mohamed – Mediminder Project
  3. Hajar Mohammed – Smart School Project


Closing the ceremony, with the presence of Dr. Saad Ahmed Al-Jumaili, the Director of the Ministry of Education’s Office overseeing gifted and talented schools in Iraq, Mr. Ali Taher, the Director of “Makers” institution, delivered words of thanks and appreciation to the participating girls, emphasizing the importance of activating the role of young women in entrepreneurship. Additionally, Awards were distributed to the 12 girls who qualified for the final stage, each receiving a participation certificate, a commemorative prize, and certificates of appreciation.


The event concluded with a celebratory memorial photo session for the organizing team, judging panel, and participating girls, highlighting the unique experience and success achieved. Our firm extends sincere thanks and appreciation to IOT Kids center for the outstanding event and the gracious invitation to the closing ceremony. As an Iraqi firm we value the efforts in empowering girls in the fields of technology and artificial intelligence in Iraq, and we look forward to more of these important events that promote motivation and innovation.

Upon receiving a special invitation, our firm is pleased to participate in the “National Competition for International Commercial Arbitration – Fourth Edition” which took place on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at Al-Iraqia University – College of Law. The competition was sponsored by the President of Al-Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Ali Saleh Hussein, and supervised by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hameed Abd, Dean of the College of Law and Political Science.

The event commenced with a distinguished address from Prof. Hussein Al-Shuwaili, responsible for the International Arbitration Program in Iraq and Chairman of the Arbitration Committee, welcoming participating attendees. Following this, Dr. Rana Ali Hameed, representing Al-Iraqia University, delivered her opening remarks, extending a warm welcome to the attendees and participating teams, which included representatives from prominent universities participating in the competition, such as Al-Mustansiriyah University, Al-Iraqia University, Al-Nahrain University, Al-Bayan University, and Al-Farahidi University (AFU).

Moreover, the audience was diverse, featuring prominent figures such as key professors at Al-Iraqia University – The College of Law, including the Head of Law department at Al-Iraqia University and professors from the said university including Dr. Salam Mohammed, Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Ani, Dr. Firas Al-Naemi, Dr. Zaman Hamed, Dr. Husam Bardan, as well as members and trainers of the participating teams representing the mentioned universities, along with the event organizers, Ms. Zainab Saad and Ms. Rafal Yousif.  Additionally, from our side our firm was represented by lawyers Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori, Thulfiqar Husam Abdul Ameer, Elaf Moayad Abdul Hussein, Hiba Najah Al-Maliki, and Sajood Riyadh Hameed who had a contributing and proactive role in the competition as one of the members of the Arbitration Committee.

The arbitration session, headed by the arbitration committee (Professor Ali Hakmat, our lawyer Sajood Riyadh, and Yasmin Mohammed), commenced, and legal arguments unfolded between the teams representing Al-Nahrain University, Al-Bayan University addressing a dispute between two companies regarding the applicability of arbitration. After presenting their cases, the proceedings concluded with the assessment of team performances and feedback from the arbitration committee, adding a competitive and skillful atmosphere to the competition. On the second and final day of the competition, the competition remained intense, concluding with the winning of Al-Nahrain University’s team.

We extend our congratulations to the winning team, and are proud of the participation of our lawyer (Sajood Riyadh Hameed) as the arbitration committee member, and further take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all the distinguished attendees and participants in the competition. We appreciate your involvement and invite you to participate in such impactful and competitive events in the future. We hope for more educational initiatives that foster collaborative efforts. Our best wishes to the participants for a promising and inspiring future in their professional endeavors.

Here are some highlights of the event:

Our firm, in response to the kind invitation by the Presidency of Council of Ministers/Competition and Antitrust Council; represented by lawyers Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi, Mr. Hasan Khaleef Hasan, and Ms. Sajood Riyadh Hameed, is pleased to attend the “Competition Law and Antitrust” Conference held on Sunday, January 28, 2024, at TheStation Foundation for Entrepreneurship’s Hall in Baghdad. The conference was organized by the School Students Volunteers Team in collaboration with the Presidency of Council of Ministers, The Station and Bayt Al-Hikma Training and Consulting “BHTC”, sponsored by Arab Payment Services company, Union Bank of Iraq, and the Iraqi Company for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises Ltd.


The conference served as an exceptional occasion, bringing together various key figures in the business and legislative fields, including Dr. Ahmed Younis Al-Ani, the President of the Competition and Antitrust Council, Dr. Mohammed Al-Rikabi, representing the Prime Minister’s Office, Eng. Ola Al-Tamimi, a member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Eng. Sanaa Mohammed Jawad, the Deputy Head of the Competition and Antitrust Council, and Mr. Ashraf Al-Dahan, the General Director of the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations at the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Ikram Abdul Aziz – Director General at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals & Consultant at the Competition and Antitrust Council, Mr. Hisham Khalid – Managing Director of Bayt Al-Hikma Training and Consulting, Mr. Saif Ali – Director of Training and Development Department at the School Students Volunteer Team, Mr. Mustafa Dawood – Executive Director of The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship,

Dr. Ahmed Al-Juboori–CPA, Mr. Alaa Ridha Alwan – Founder and Director of Bin Ridha Alwan branches.The conference addressed various aspects highlighting the importance and impact of competition law.


The opening remarks were delivered by Dr. Ahmed Younis Al-Ani, emphasizing the significance of competition in fostering an economic climate conducive to investment. Mr. Omar Al-Sudani from the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce followed, discussing the council’s role in market regulation.


Subsequently, panel discussions were held with key figures, including Dr. Ikram Abdul Aziz and Ms. Sanaa Mohammed Jawad. They reviewed the council’s history, objectives, and tools for achieving fair competitiveness and economic stimulation. Questions during the session covered topics such as the council’s establishment in March 2023, its purpose in organizing the market and correcting economic trajectories, and governmental tools for enhancing economic diversity, notably easing entry for new competitors and encouraging existing ones to expand production by removing legal and procedural constraints.


The conference also delved into the Competition Law (Law No. 14), enacted in Iraq for the first time in 2010. This law, published in the Official Gazette of Iraq on March 9, 2010 (Issue No. 40147), marked the first regulation of trade competition and antitrust measures in Iraq.


The event concluded with discussions on international trade competition protection and agreements with countries like Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The final session highlighted the Antitrust Law and the procedures for submitting complaints. Ms. Aseel Al-Obaid, Consultant at the Competition and Antitrust Council, mentioned that the council is in the process of forming committees to formulate complaint-handling procedures. The conference, characterized by collaboration between the government and private sectors, aimed to promote competition and achieve economic development.


Our firm extends sincere thanks to the conference organizers for their efforts in setting up this significant event. We look forward to participating in more such initiatives that foster mutual cooperation and economic development in the country.


Our firm is pleased to attend the special event on “The Role of Commercial Arbitration in Boosting Investment” which took place on the 18th of January 2024, at Baghdad International Fair ground.


The event was held by the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and was organized by Mr. Ahmed Al-Yasiri, advisor to the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce. The event featured key figures including experts in investment and commercial arbitration such as Mr. Abdulrazzaq Al-Zuhairi, President of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, Dr. Haider Makia, President of the National Parliamentary Investment and Development Commission, and Dr. Abdulatif Naif, Vice President of the State Council, Mr. Dawood Al-Shamkh, director of Babylon Hotel, Mr. Mustafa Al-Ani, general manager of the State Company for Iraq Fairs and Commercial Services of Iraq, and Dr. Ikram Al-Abdali, a Ph.D. in international arbitration. Moreover, representing our firm were attorney Hasan Khaleef Hasan, attorney Mustafa Abdullah Najm, and attorney Ola Swidan Khudair.


Mr. Abdulrazzaq Al-Zuhairi started the event by emphasizing the importance of arbitration in resolving disputes between contracting parties and the need to enhance arbitration procedures and related legislation. Additionally, Dr. Abdulatif highlighted the significance of commercial arbitration in Iraq, pointing out deficiencies in current arbitration legislation and its culture and highlighting the efforts to establish a coordinated commercial arbitration center. The discussion included the subject of arbitration decisions adhering to the New York convention 1985, and Vienna International Arbitral Center, which came into effect in Iraq by the 9th of February 2022, as well as underscoring the importance of arbitrators adopting them.


The event concluded with a discussion of queries about the role of arbitration in attracting foreign investors, facilitating commercial transactions, and its importance in resolving commercial disputes.


Our firm would like to thank the organizers for hosting this event and emphasizing the importance of exchanging ideas, and we look forward to more inspiring events in the future.



We are glad to attend the enlightening seminar titled “Electronic Payments in Shaping the Economic Future”, which took place on Sunday, January 7, 2024 in Baghdad at Palestine Hotel. The event was organized in sponsorship of Electronic Payment Culture in Iraq (E.P.C. Iraq), the Central Bank of Iraq, the Iraqi Private Banks League, the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and the Iraqi Trade League. The seminar gathered a number of experts and specialists in electronic payments.

The event took a start as Mr.  Nabil Al-Najjar, the founder of the Electronic Payment Culture platform in Iraq, highlighted the importance of Iraq adopting advanced financial technologies to address challenges in the financial sector. Followed by Parliament member, Mr. Hussein Arab who emphasized the support for the private banking and economic sector, calling for effective financial policies and recognizing the significance of electronic payments in tackling issues like money laundering.

Discussions covered obstacles in electronic payments, advocating for a clear system and unified payment program. Mr. Sabah Al-Baghdadi, Deputy to Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, addressed electronic card interruptions, stressing the need to remove obstacles and clarify payment mechanisms.

Furthermore, Mr. Ahmed Kadhim, Director of the Investment Department at the International Smart Card Company (QI), discussed the shift towards non-traditional work and the importance of a strong infrastructure.

The panel further discussed electronic payments’ impact on the Iraqi economy, addressing challenges and emphasizing the need for a clear payment system. A following panel discussion featured representatives from various financial entities, providing insights into the developments in payment methods in Iraq and the benefits of adopting electronic payments. Our attending team represented by Mr. Mustafa Abdullah Najim and Ms. Hadeel Nabeel Abdul Ghafor, also distributed a number of special 2024 planners prepared by our firm to attendees including major banks and electronic payment service providers such as Altaif Islamic Bank, Al-Janoob Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance, Al-Tabadul, Arab Payment Service (APS), AMWAL E-Payment Hub, and BHTC for Training & Consulting.

We extend our thanks to all participants and sponsors for the success of the seminar, representing a significant step towards financial innovation.and we eagerly anticipate more enriching seminars fostering interaction and contributing to the development of our economic sectors, and confirm our firm readiness and professional capability to support such seminars.


Upon the esteemed Iraqi Bar Association’s kind invitation, sponsored by its President Ms. Ahlam Al-Lami, and for the second consecutive year, our firm organized a three-day practical workshop titled ‘Commercial Contract Drafting’ for aspiring law graduates seeking licensing to practice the profession. The three-day workshop is part of the Iraqi Bar Association’s training courses, and it took place from December 3rd to 5th, 2023.

Led by Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori and Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi, with content prepared by Mr. Zead Abdul-Ridha Al-Dulaimy, the workshop covered essential topics like contract scope, obligations, compensations, and termination.

The second day saw the presence of Iraqi Bar Association’s President Ms. Ahlam Al-Lami, delivering a speech at this unique event. Both Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori and Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi continued with interactive lectures, providing in-depth insights into commercial contract drafting. 

The workshop concluded on the third day, with Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori and Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi sharing their valuable legal expertise with the attendees who were interactive and large in numbers (more than 2000 attendant). As an Iraqi law firm, we’re proud to support such events for sharing insights and enhanced learning. Thanks to the Iraqi Bar Association, along with its president Ms. Ahlam Al-lami, and we extend special thanks to the firm’s team, for their significant role and efforts ensuring the success of this event, wishing all participants a promising and inspiring professional journey ahead.

Below are some workshop’s highlights: 

We are honored to be invited for the graduation ceremony of the third cohort (2023) from Baghdad Business School (BBS), held at Babylon Hotel on November 25, 2023. The atmosphere of the event was filled with celebration with the presence of faculty members, business professionals, some supporting companies, and the students and their families.


The event started with a speech by Mr. Ahmed Al-Tabaqchali, Board Director and Business Lecturer at BBS, congratulating the graduates and commending their completion of the Business Fundamentals program. This was followed by a speech from Ms. Christine Van den Toorn, the founder and president of BBS, who attended remotely and welcomed the graduates, emphasizing the promising future that awaits them.


Additionally, Lawyer Hadeel Al-Hasan, founder of Al Hadeel Al-Hasan Law Firm, Mr. Bassam Al-Ateia, the founder and CEO of Al-Ateia Group and Alsaree3 company, and Mr. Saif Al-Mufti, the founder and director at Digital Zone, all have shared their words of wisdom and the promising potential of the new generation.


The event concluded with a speech by Mr. Mujahed Waisi, the founder and CEO of Kapita Business Hub, who praised the efforts of the students and offered valuable advice for their professional journey.


Our firm, represented by Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi, Mr. Anas Dari Zaki, and Ms. Hiba Najeh Kadhim, was honored to actively support the event by distributing special gifts to attendees. As an Iraqi firm we are committed to fostering the growth of business professionals and are eager to continue supporting Baghdad Business School’s endeavors in nurturing future leaders.


Congratulations to all the graduates, and we wish them a future filled with accomplishments and excellence.


Our firm is pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Mesla Hamurabi International for law and Legal Consultation firm. The signing took place at our firm’s headquarters, attended by representatives from both companies: Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori, the Managing Director of Al Muahmoon Al Mutahidoon firm (United lawyers firm”ULF”), and Mr. Shawkat Al-Samarrai, the Managing Director of Mesla Hamurabi firm.
The memorandum’s purpose is to boost collaboration, generate new opportunities, and exchange expertise between both firms. We eagerly anticipate putting this collaboration into action to achieve shared success.