The “First Amendment to the Foreign Companies Branches Regulation No. (2) of 2017” Regulation No. (4) of 2023 has been issued, and it was published in the Official Gazette of Iraq, Issue No. 4734, dated August 28, 2023. This amendment is considered effective from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

In order to determine the features and facilitations provided by this amendment to foreign companies branches operating in Iraq, our firm has commenced a comprehensive study of the aforementioned regulation. This study will include a detailed summary along with a comparison between the amended regulation and the previous one applicable to foreign branches.

Furthermore, our firm  has initiated the preparation of the English version of the regulation, which will be made available alongside the study in the coming days through the firm’s website.

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Iraq Approves the “Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Arab Emirates” per Law No. (16) of the year 2023, which was published in the Official Gazette of Iraq, Issue No. 4734, dated August 28, 2023. The Law comes into effect as of the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of Iraq.

In order to gain insights into the activities encompassed within the aforementioned investment agreement and the benefits extended to investors therein, our firm is diligently preparing a comprehensive study. This study will soon be available on the firm’s website for those interested in reviewing it, soon.

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Officially, the Presidential Office of the Republic of Iraq has approved the Retirement and Social Security Law for New Workers, Law No. (18) of 2023. This law was published in the Iraqi Official Gazette, Issue No. 4734, on August 28, 2023, and it becomes effective from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

In order to analyze the key amendments and provisions within the aforementioned law, our specialized team is diligently studying the new law and conducting a comparative analysis with the previous Law No. 39 of 1971. This comprehensive report will outline the modifications made under the new law.

Furthermore, our company is in the process of preparing an English-language version of the law to make it accessible to those interested in reviewing it in English in the coming days.

For inquiries or to obtain a copy of the study or the English version of the law, please feel free to contact our company at the following email address:


In honor of the 90th anniversary since the founding of the esteemed Iraqi Bar Association, we extend our congratulations and kindest greetings to all esteemed colleagues, wishing them all the success and prosperity, and hoping for the continued progress and advancement of our esteemed association.

We’re excited to share that Mr. Thulfiqar Husam Abdul Ameer, one of our motivated lawyers, has successfully earned a Master’s degree in Law. This shows his dedication to growing both personally and professionally. With this higher education, Thulfiqar brings even more specialized knowledge to assist our clients with their legal needs.

Join us in extending the warmest congratulations to Mr Thulfiqar for this valuable achievement. We take pride in having such a talented and ambitious individual as part of our legal team, and we look forward to witnessing his continued success in delivering an even better legal support. 🎉👏👨‍🎓



With a special invitation, our firm takes great pride in participating in the 6th Annual Exhibition and Conference for Finance and Banking Services “Iraq Finance EXPO”. This distinguished event was successfully held at the Baghdad International Fair for three consecutive days, from July 15th and until July 17th, 2023. The event was organized by Iraq Business Gateway, a leading organization in events and conferences in Iraq, and was generously and mainly sponsored by both the Iraqi Private Banks League, and the Central Bank of Iraq.

The conference witnessed the presence of prominent speakers who delivered insightful lectures and discussions on issues and developments in the banking and finance sectors in Iraq. Among these esteemed speakers were Mr. Ahmed Al-Jader, the Executive Director of Iraq Business Gateway, H.E. Mr. Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, the First Deputy of the Iraqi Parliament Chairman, H.E. Mr. Faisal Al-Haimus, the Chairman of the Iraq Securities Commission, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Samir Abbas, the General Manager of Al-Rasheed Bank, and many other key people.

The conference sessions covered a number of key and crucial topics relevant to the banking and finance sectors in Iraq, including:

  • The Central Bank of Iraq’s strategy in supporting and enhancing sustainable economic growth and digital financial services development.
  • The significance of fostering a business-friendly culture and creating a successful economic environment in Iraq.
  • Challenges and opportunities in the financial markets of Iraq and ways to enhance economic development.
  • The importance of training for professionals in the financial and banking sectors.

These discussions were essential and represent a clear positive impact on the development of the financial and banking sectors in Iraq. They garnered notable interest and engagement from the attendees and participants at the conference. Notably, these interactive sessions facilitated fruitful knowledge and experience exchange, promoting collaborative efforts to build a thriving finance and banking future in Iraq.

Representing our firm, specialized lawyers, namely Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori, Mr. Hasan Khaleef Hasan, and Mr. Othman Ayad Khalaf, attended the conference. They met with the respected representatives of various banks, sharing their legal expertise in the finance and banking sectors about providing optimal legal counsel for banks and financial institutions, shedding light on the importance of relying on legal firms’ expertise in providing effective consultations in this domain. Furthermore, they engaged with several leading Iraqi banks, fintech companies and others, such as International Development Bank, Trade bank of Iraq, Arab Payment Services (APS), National Bank of Iraq, Altaif Islamic Bank, Islamic Iraqi Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Al Rajih Islamic Bank, Al Mashreq Al Arabi Bank, Al Tabadul for e-payment and Fintech, Kapita, Iraq Stock Exchange “ISX”, The Iraqi Company for Deposit Insurance, Laith Al Obaidi Motors, IBTIKAR, Al Ahleia Insurance Company, GRC PATH, The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and the Iraqi Securities Commission.

Moreover, our firm received commendation from the conference participants and attendees, as we exchanged knowledge and insights that reflect positively on the financial and banking sectors in Iraq. We were also honored by the Iraqi Securities Commission during the presentation of our firm’s business directory, where they gift us a symbolic appreciation plaque, symbolizing excellence and active presence, in recognition of the way our firm was represented and showcased at this prominent event. A number of other key attending companies appreciated the organizational approach of the same business directory.

Subsequently, the conference became a premier networking platform for professionals and experts in the financial and banking realm, where a wide range of crucial topics were addressed to achieve sustainable growth and improve the financial environment. Additionally, the conference featured active participation from various Iraqi and international banks and companies, fostering collaboration between the banking and economic sectors. This inspiring economic event contributes to enhancing shared experiences and knowledge, expanding the scope of partnerships to build a more sustainable and prosperous future for Iraq.

With enthusiasm, our firm looks forward to further progress and advancements in the financial and banking sector in Iraq, believing that similar conferences contribute to achieving this goal. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all organizers and participants in this successful event for their tremendous efforts and dedication towards building a prosperous economic future for Iraq. Through collaborative efforts and purposeful endeavors, we can achieve a positive breakthrough in the financial and banking sector, fulfilling our shared aspirations for a more stable and prosperous future.















Recent; The Central Bank of Iraq issued a decision, under letter number 9/2/439 dated 02 August 2023, obliging licensed banks operating in Iraq, both local and foreign, to increase their capital within specific limits and percentages as outlined in the decision. The decision also specifies the deadlines by which these banks must adhere to this requirement. We believe that this decision will play a role in enhancing the soundness and reliability of the banking sector in Iraq.

Attached below are copies of the decision along with its English translation:



You can view and download the pdf copy of the referred books below:

ULF_CBI letter_Increase the banks’ capital_02 08 23

For regulatory purposes; the Central Bank of Iraq – Banking Control Department, in accordance with its letter number 9\10\20657 dated 9th July 2023, obliges the Companies Registrar to have the Central Bank’s approval for any procedures related to increasing or decreasing the capital of financial banking and non-banking institutions, which is confirmed by the Companies Registrar per its letter numbered R.C/3648 dated 25th July 2023. Below are copies of related letters confirming the same, along with their English translation.






download the referred books through the following link:

Obliging financial institutions to obtain the Central Bank of Iraq approval to increase:decrease its capital-AL Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon-ULF


Our firm extends its warmest welcomes for Esq. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi, an esteemed senior lawyer, recently joined our firm as the head of the litigation and consulting department. Esq. Omar brings with him unique experiences and qualifications, as he holds a Bachelor’s in Law and is licensed to practice the law profession with full authority (C level Bar License) having more than 29 years of experience in the law profession.

Throughout his decades-long professional journey, Esq. Omar has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the field of law. His extensive tenure as an attorney includes holding high- level positions in various government institutions, such as director of Legal Department at Communication & Media Commission “CMC”, assistant of Communication & Media Commission “CMC”, Director of CMC, assistant of Legal Department at the Ministry of Justice, and a member and rapporteur for the Consultancy Department at the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers.

Moreover, with a remarkable track record, he was appointed as a legal advisor to 35 commercial companies, showcasing his professionalism and prominent standing in the legal field. His commitment to skill development is evident through the completion of numerous specialized training courses, including those offered by the British institution Albany Associates, covering human resources management, organizational tasks for the telecommunications authority, and more.

Esq.Omar distinguished professional history, exceptional academic achievements, and extensive legal expertise further enhances our firm’s distinction and strengthens our legal team’s capabilities. We believe that Esq.Omar esteemed presence in our company will provide an opportunity for new successes and the further development of our services for our esteemed clients. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Esq.Omar and we are excited about the prospect of a bright future filled with shared success and achievements.

The Saudi-Iraqi Business Forum: Enhancing Economic Collaboration Opportunities between Both Parties.

On the 18th of June 2023, The Iraqi Federation of Industries organized a collaborative meet and greet event focused on expertise-exchange. This collaborative meeting between a number of large Saudi companies and other Iraqi companies, brought together several entrepreneurs and businesses from both economies to Baghdad Iraq, where the event was held in Babylon hotel. The event’s agenda was to discuss business opportunities, thoughts and knowledge exchange to facilitate expertise, and further explore promising investment opportunities regarding the export of Saudi products to Iraq.

Among a number of Iraqi companies our company was honored to be invited to attend the business Forum, offering a chance to contribute with our legal expertise in doing business and investments in Iraq. In that regard, a number of expert attorneys representing our firm attended the event, which included Mr. Muqdad Sami, Mr. Hasan Khalif, Mr. Pierre Fournol, and Mr.Mustafa Abdullah. As for the Saudi side, several large and established Saudi companies attended the event held in Iraq as a collaborative business council to better enrich their understanding and knowledge on exporting opportunities which Iraq offers for their businesses. 

These companies represented a diverse number of industries bringing specializations in construction, food, and packaging industries. Among the attending Saudi companies and representatives were Sabic, Bahra Electric, Saudi Export-Import Bank, Arrab National, MESC, AL-Ittefaq Steel, and various other established Saudi companies. 

Furthermore, the discussions held in the forum covered the core objectives of the Saudi companies visit to Iraq, which was to discuss the topic of “Exporting Saudi Products to Iraq.” It further served as a crucial platform for constructive discussions and valuable contributions among the attendees. In light of this, entrepreneurs and companies from both countries engaged in fruitful dialogues and exchanged thoughts and experiences regarding various business and investment opportunities. They explored ways to facilitate, ease, and conclude an effective and practical path to exporting Saudi products to Iraq and enhance the necessary support for facilitating commercial investment projects in Iraq.

Moreover, our representatives participated in valuable and insightful discussions with representatives from the respected Saudi Export-Import Bank and several of the previously mentioned established Saudi companies. During these discussions our company has distributed a special legal guide (Business Directory in Iraq) we previously prepared for the purpose of this business forum. The legal guide covered essential legal guidelines for doing business and investment in Iraq. It serves as a guiding tool for Saudi companies interested in exporting their products and expanding their investments in Iraq in the correct legal manner while protecting their rights, and allowing operations to fall within the corresponding legal framework in Iraq to mitigate the legal risks and challenges.

The Saudi-Iraqi Business Forum gathering marks a significant milestone in fostering economic ties and creating opportunities for growth and prosperity. It serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of both nations towards strengthening their collaborative relations in the realm of commerce and investment.

As an Iraqi law firm, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in facilitating this remarkable event and look forward to continuing our efforts in shaping a prosperous future for the Saudi-Iraqi business landscape.