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In consideration of the important and significant role played by the investment sector in the development and rise of the economy in any country, and since our country (IRAQ) represents a fertile environment of investment opportunities attracting foreign investors worldwide, and whereas the legal system represents a significant factor for attracting investors and creating a safe, successful and sustainable investment environment, therefore, our firm is always keen on highlighting the laws directly affecting this environment, studying and analyzing the same.

Given the above stated, our firm represented by its managing director (Esquire Muqdad Sami Alwan Al Juboori) has contributed an article published with Al Qhada’a Magazine issued by the Iraqi Bar Association. The article is mainly about the Companies Law Amendment no. 17/2019, in specific the part relates to the incorporation of holding companies provided the great impact of this regulation in encouraging national economy and foreign capital to enter the Iraqi market. The article highlights the said law articles regulating the incorporation and operation of holding companies together studying and assessing those, discussing the contractions and loopholes of the amendment, as well as contradictions with other laws.

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