Immediate visa for Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior “MOI” has recently approved granting Normal Visas at airports a border ports for citizens of specific countries.

MOI decision dated 15 March 2021 has listed the countries entitled for obtaining the mentioned visa, these are the permanent members of United Nations Security Council “UNSC” these are (United States of America, United Kingdom, French, Russian, China and Germany), in addition to European Union countries (Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Gibraltar, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Latvia; Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, & Croatia), as well as Australia, Canada, South Korea and Japan), and shall be valid from its ISSUANCE DATE.

This new procedure is considered as a significant step towards attracting foreign individual and corporate investors.

Copy of the Ministry of Interior decision is attached. Free English translation thereof could be provided via email (

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