About us

Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon, is a fully integrated service firm incorporated in Iraq with its headquarter in Baghdad, providing its high-level services Iraq wide and internationally through its affiliate firms and bringing more than 32 years of experiences in legal, consultancy and accounts management sectors.

Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon cadre of attorneys, CPAs, consultants and other professionals were educated in prestigious institutions in Iraq and abroad and have a very rich experience in their respective sectors. In addition to rich local experiences, most of our professionals have also worked with international firms and government-related legal organizations, having linguistic knowledge covering Arabic, English, Dutch and French, which effectively contributed the firm proficiency in providing unique services to its clients.

Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon has a reliable access to a network of major national and international institutions operating Iraq wide, which represents a significant feature for our firm. The Firm major objective is to practice its activities in accordance to the highest level of integrity, followed a people-oriented approach, and given back to the society whenever possible.

To this extent, Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon is considered a pioneering and a professional organization that combines local knowledge and international perspectives in rendering its services.

Our Vision

Our vision is about providing our clients with skilled consultancies and services in a timely and efficient manner. We strive to handle each matter with accountability and responsiveness, as if we were representing ourselves. We focus our attention on the legal aspects of our client’s business so that our clients can focus their attention on the success of their business. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, excellence and teamwork.

Company’s message

The company’s approach is based on high standards, including providing the best legal services that suit all segments of society in terms of applying the principle of prevention is better than treatment.

Our Values

In serving our clients; Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon strictly adopt and adhere to our essential values represented in

  • Integrity, by setting the highest goals of ethics and honesty dealing with our clients matters since their first step until completion with spectacular adherence to those principles by the firm team.
  • Excellency, by reflecting our best efforts, never less; we handle our works in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Teamwork, our team realize and fully believe that by achieving our clients’ business goals we need to operate as a team. The team spirit our team enjoys has been always a distinctive factor for our firm among other local firms.

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