First session of the Roundtable discussions – Start-UPs definition

With the participation of a number of key players leading entrepreneurial ecosystem in IRAQ and based on the invitation address to our firm by The Station Workplace, a team of our firm has participated the first round of the Roundtable discussions held at The Station Place in December 2020, that aims to specify an agreed definition for start-ups and entrepreneur projects which represents one of the top challenges facing start-ups and entrepreneur projects in Iraq (based on the questionnaire conducted with 105 persons and start-ups projects in addition to individually conducted interviews with 21 experts in different sectors) and an essential starting point for setting related laws and activating the law drafts concerning the same (if any) to comply with the current start-ups volume, orientation and capabilities. The session has monitored and discussed the fundamental criteria governing the definition of these projects taking on consideration those adopted in other countries, and the possibility to apply these criteria or reform them in suggesting and implementing customized criteria that fits the needs and unique nature of IRAQ.

It has also discussed other challenges facing start-ups in the country and suggested solutions to reduce/eliminate these challenges under the current circumstances, such as the registration of a start-up project, as well as privileges and support could be obtained from official authorities.

The session was attended by participants representing multiple institutions and companies such as ZAIN, UNITAR, UNDP, DOINC, CIPE, The Station, KAPITA, as well as independent experts, and volunteers.

Other sessions are scheduled to take place later on to complete the discussions and researches regarding the session objectives to come up with a list of recommendations to be shared with the concerned authorities in the IRAQI state aiming to get these recommendations officially considered to correspond to the current needs.

Picture from the session are attached.

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