Our Firm is ranked in the Legal 500 for two consecutive years 2021 and 2022 EMEA Guide

Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon Firm for Legal Consultancies is ranked for a consecutive year in the Legal 500 2021 and 2022. Legal 500 is one of the most prominent legal directories globally. The Legal 500 series contacts over 300,000 clients globally to obtain feedback on which law firms meet the criteria required by today’s in-house counsel and business leaders, wherever in the world their work takes them. All of this is used to benchmark each law firm versus competitors in the practice area in question.

In order to obtain such rank, we have been interviewed in person and by telephone with our specialist attorneys in each division– generally, the heads of departments or partner which helped to obtaining a clear picture of the firm direction and adopted policies.

Furthermore, we have submitted examples of legal projects our firm rendered in all legal aspects taking in consideration the confidentiality and non-Disclosure our firm commits towards its clients, as well as securing contact between Legal 500 and our firm clients enabling the specialists working on our firm rank to closely verify the quality of our services fulfilling the standards internationally adopted in the legal profession serving an accurate and fair evaluation.

Our attorneys’ professional coordination and intelligent quality management system were playing the significant role in obtaining such honor of ranking by providing the pre-requisites of Legal 500 in a flawless smooth way without any interruption or hindering our daily workload with our clients.

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