Contracts Drafting workshop – sponsored by the Iraqi bar association

Upon the esteemed Iraqi Bar Association’s kind invitation, sponsored by its President Ms. Ahlam Al-Lami, and for the second consecutive year, our firm organized a three-day practical workshop titled ‘Commercial Contract Drafting’ for aspiring law graduates seeking licensing to practice the profession. The three-day workshop is part of the Iraqi Bar Association’s training courses, and it took place from December 3rd to 5th, 2023.

Led by Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori and Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi, with content prepared by Mr. Zead Abdul-Ridha Al-Dulaimy, the workshop covered essential topics like contract scope, obligations, compensations, and termination.

The second day saw the presence of Iraqi Bar Association’s President Ms. Ahlam Al-Lami, delivering a speech at this unique event. Both Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori and Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi continued with interactive lectures, providing in-depth insights into commercial contract drafting. 

The workshop concluded on the third day, with Mr. Muqdad Sami Al-Juboori and Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi sharing their valuable legal expertise with the attendees who were interactive and large in numbers (more than 2000 attendant). As an Iraqi law firm, we’re proud to support such events for sharing insights and enhanced learning. Thanks to the Iraqi Bar Association, along with its president Ms. Ahlam Al-lami, and we extend special thanks to the firm’s team, for their significant role and efforts ensuring the success of this event, wishing all participants a promising and inspiring professional journey ahead.

Below are some workshop’s highlights: 

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