Competition Law and Antitrust Conference

Our firm, in response to the kind invitation by the Presidency of Council of Ministers/Competition and Antitrust Council; represented by lawyers Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi, Mr. Hasan Khaleef Hasan, and Ms. Sajood Riyadh Hameed, is pleased to attend the “Competition Law and Antitrust” Conference held on Sunday, January 28, 2024, at TheStation Foundation for Entrepreneurship’s Hall in Baghdad. The conference was organized by the School Students Volunteers Team in collaboration with the Presidency of Council of Ministers, The Station and Bayt Al-Hikma Training and Consulting “BHTC”, sponsored by Arab Payment Services company, Union Bank of Iraq, and the Iraqi Company for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises Ltd.


The conference served as an exceptional occasion, bringing together various key figures in the business and legislative fields, including Dr. Ahmed Younis Al-Ani, the President of the Competition and Antitrust Council, Dr. Mohammed Al-Rikabi, representing the Prime Minister’s Office, Eng. Ola Al-Tamimi, a member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Eng. Sanaa Mohammed Jawad, the Deputy Head of the Competition and Antitrust Council, and Mr. Ashraf Al-Dahan, the General Director of the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations at the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Ikram Abdul Aziz – Director General at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals & Consultant at the Competition and Antitrust Council, Mr. Hisham Khalid – Managing Director of Bayt Al-Hikma Training and Consulting, Mr. Saif Ali – Director of Training and Development Department at the School Students Volunteer Team, Mr. Mustafa Dawood – Executive Director of The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship,

Dr. Ahmed Al-Juboori–CPA, Mr. Alaa Ridha Alwan – Founder and Director of Bin Ridha Alwan branches.The conference addressed various aspects highlighting the importance and impact of competition law.


The opening remarks were delivered by Dr. Ahmed Younis Al-Ani, emphasizing the significance of competition in fostering an economic climate conducive to investment. Mr. Omar Al-Sudani from the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce followed, discussing the council’s role in market regulation.


Subsequently, panel discussions were held with key figures, including Dr. Ikram Abdul Aziz and Ms. Sanaa Mohammed Jawad. They reviewed the council’s history, objectives, and tools for achieving fair competitiveness and economic stimulation. Questions during the session covered topics such as the council’s establishment in March 2023, its purpose in organizing the market and correcting economic trajectories, and governmental tools for enhancing economic diversity, notably easing entry for new competitors and encouraging existing ones to expand production by removing legal and procedural constraints.


The conference also delved into the Competition Law (Law No. 14), enacted in Iraq for the first time in 2010. This law, published in the Official Gazette of Iraq on March 9, 2010 (Issue No. 40147), marked the first regulation of trade competition and antitrust measures in Iraq.


The event concluded with discussions on international trade competition protection and agreements with countries like Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The final session highlighted the Antitrust Law and the procedures for submitting complaints. Ms. Aseel Al-Obaid, Consultant at the Competition and Antitrust Council, mentioned that the council is in the process of forming committees to formulate complaint-handling procedures. The conference, characterized by collaboration between the government and private sectors, aimed to promote competition and achieve economic development.


Our firm extends sincere thanks to the conference organizers for their efforts in setting up this significant event. We look forward to participating in more such initiatives that foster mutual cooperation and economic development in the country.


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