Clarifying Retirement and Social Security Law for Lawyers

After intensive and continuous efforts in legal research and visits to relevant authorities, the endeavors of Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon firm “ULF”, represented by lawyer Ms. Hiba Najeh Al-Maliki, have culminated in successfully resolving the ambiguity surrounding the understanding of the retirement and social security law for workers, which has been a subject of prolonged debate, particularly regarding the inclusion of lawyers in social security.

Our firm would like to seize this opportunity to extend our gratitude for the positive cooperation demonstrated by the esteemed Iraqi Bar Association. We also congratulate all the staff of our firm (Al Muhamoon Al Mutahidoon Firm “ULF”) for their efforts in this matter, with special mention and appreciation to lawyer Ms. Hiba Najeh for her outstanding and effective efforts in this regard.

Attached is a copy of the letter from the Iraqi Bar Association & social security letter:

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