Baghdad Business School (BBS)graduation ceremony 2023

We are honored to be invited for the graduation ceremony of the third cohort (2023) from Baghdad Business School (BBS), held at Babylon Hotel on November 25, 2023. The atmosphere of the event was filled with celebration with the presence of faculty members, business professionals, some supporting companies, and the students and their families.


The event started with a speech by Mr. Ahmed Al-Tabaqchali, Board Director and Business Lecturer at BBS, congratulating the graduates and commending their completion of the Business Fundamentals program. This was followed by a speech from Ms. Christine Van den Toorn, the founder and president of BBS, who attended remotely and welcomed the graduates, emphasizing the promising future that awaits them.


Additionally, Lawyer Hadeel Al-Hasan, founder of Al Hadeel Al-Hasan Law Firm, Mr. Bassam Al-Ateia, the founder and CEO of Al-Ateia Group and Alsaree3 company, and Mr. Saif Al-Mufti, the founder and director at Digital Zone, all have shared their words of wisdom and the promising potential of the new generation.


The event concluded with a speech by Mr. Mujahed Waisi, the founder and CEO of Kapita Business Hub, who praised the efforts of the students and offered valuable advice for their professional journey.


Our firm, represented by Mr. Omar Ghassan Al-Waswasi, Mr. Anas Dari Zaki, and Ms. Hiba Najeh Kadhim, was honored to actively support the event by distributing special gifts to attendees. As an Iraqi firm we are committed to fostering the growth of business professionals and are eager to continue supporting Baghdad Business School’s endeavors in nurturing future leaders.


Congratulations to all the graduates, and we wish them a future filled with accomplishments and excellence.


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