Announcing The Activation of Electronic Company Formation and Foreign Branch Registration Service

The Companies Registration Department announced through its Facebook platform the activation of the electronic company registration service or the registration of branches of foreign companies, representing the first stage of a service for businessmen to facilitate the establishment of entities or their registration in the Companies Registration Department, and simplify procedures through the electronic submission link and sending the request on the single window system. The request must be submitted exclusively by businessmen, and the request is ignored when submitted by the agent, and it requires the completion of all the necessary documents for the establishment of the company or the registration of branches of foreign companies without the need to attend the seat of the department.

After the approval is issued, businessmen will be provided with a copy of the establishment certificate for Iraqi companies and the registration decision for branches of foreign companies electronically, including the phrase “accepted”. The certificate or original decision will be later received by the authorized person or agent upon reviewing the seat of the department to deposit the original documents.

The service is submitted during working days from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.


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